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David del Pino

Written by David del Pino

Electronic Arts has announced officially that Battlefield 2042 is getting delayed due to the pandemic

Although it had been rumored that access to the open beta would have been planned for the end of this month on all platforms, Electronic Arts has finally decided to delay the launch of Battlefield 2042. In an official statement, the company has explained the reasons that have led to delay the game.

Along with the release of the game, the open beta is delayed. At the moment, Electronic Arts has not decided a date to offer this content while games like Call of Duty: Vanguard have already done so.

There will not be a calendar date for the open beta for now. This puts in serious debate the way in which Electronic Arts markets its products since those users who have purchased the premium editions of the game had purchased an early pass to the beta phase of the game.

We hope that soon, Electronic Arts will clarify the doubts about when they plan to carry out the open beta of Battlefield 2042 on all the platforms for which it will be released.

Battlefield 2042 delayed till November

Electronic Arts has recently announced that the game will get a delay due to the pandemic. This is not something new in the industry as most of developments have been affected somehow due to the healthy situation the world is going through. However, same thing happened in 2018 when Battlefield V was going to be launch.

In an official statement, Electronic Arts has said that the main reason to do this is that the developers are currently working at home. They need them to be in the office to get the game launch.


The delay will move the game launch in the calendar until the 22nd of november.

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