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Covid-19 caused us all to spend much more time at home, reconnecting with a welcomed resurgence of simple pleasures and fundamental pursuits, which were nearly lost in our frenzied day-to-day lives

(NewsUSA) - Prior to the pandemic.Board games, puzzles and baking bread became the new norm and an interest in bird watching suddenly soared. Being homebound brought us outside and opened our eyes to a whole world of fascinating, beautiful birds. Sales of bird feed, feeders, nesting boxes and bird houses spiked as interest in backyard birds soared.In addition to new birders, more than 52 million Americans already feed the birds-and watch them. Studies show that more than 80 percent of people feed birds to bring nature and its beauty to their own backyard.The good news is birds don't know we're in the midst of a global pandemic, they're doing what they've always done; building nests, migrating, laying eggs and searching food sources- the primary difference is more of us are watching them. The human world got quieter; and birds got heard!Feeding the birds is not only enjoyable for any age group, it provides much needed stress relief for all who partake. A fascinating 2017 University of Exeter study, focused on nature's impact on humans in suburban/urban areas, found that lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress were associated with the number of birds people see in an afternoon, at home. Turns out, the benefits of birdwatching come from seeing lots and lots of birds. Quantity not 'quality' is what soothes our souls. For millions working and schooling from home, this stress reduction was an unintended bonus to the basic delight of feeding our feathered friends.To enjoy the many benefits of birding, attracting birds through bird feeding is essential. Birds, like people, are selective -- even picky -- when it comes to food. To attract the most birds to your feeder, buy the best seed. Many commercial feed mixes contain cheap filler seeds that most birds just don't like. Birds sort through the undesirable mix to get to the "good stuff" -- and leave the rest behind.Opt for high quality feed from Cole's Wild Bird Products, that offer birds select, natural seed choices, specifically formulated just for them. Avoid brands that wash or coat seeds with chemicals and mineral oil to make seed look more appealing to humans. Cole's feed is kept as close to a natural state as possible. Cole's researched what birds actually like to eat, then formulated a full line of top quality feed products designed to attract certain species of birds, the greatest number and greatest variety of birds, and patented "hot" products that squirrels dislike.Yes, squirrels are an incessant problem at bird feeders. Newbies to bird feeding soon discovered what long-time birders know all too well: squirrels love bird feed too. Plus, squirrels are bigger and more aggressive than birds giving them an unfair advantage at the feeder.Love them or loathe them, most birders agree they don't want squirrels damaging feeders and devouring seed meant for the birds. But, not to worry, Cole's has you covered. Using the Science of Taste Aversion, Cole's offers patented "hot and spicy" feed options infused with an exclusive Habanero chili pepper and Safflower oil, like Cole's "Hot Meats" and "Hot Meats" Suet cakes that birds find delicious but squirrels dislike. Another option, "Blazing Hot Blend" is a traditional mix of highly desired seeds enhanced with super-hot and spicy food grade habanero chilies, designed to attract a maximum variety of birds.Finally, if you just can't stand bushy-tailed pests at your feeder, consider a solution that sends them packing safely and effectively. Cole's Flaming Squirrel Sauce is a nutritional birdseed supplement that contains all natural, 100% food grade ingredients with a super-hot and spicy flavor, that squirrels dislike. It tastes hot to mammals, (squirrels!) but birds' taste receptors don't detect the heat and they love the spicy taste.Add this liquid chili pepper formula to bird feed to greatly reduce squirrel visits to the feeder.Cole's hot and spicy products are safe, effective and a humane, natural way to feed the birds, not the squirrels. As a matter of fact, Cornell University scientists tested the technology and found it highly effective in reducing the number of squirrel visits at the feeder.While we're navigating through these uncertain times, look to the birds for delight, solace, and stress relief. Once you start feeding the birds, you'll find it's hard to stop. Plus with the right feed and less squirrels, there'll be a bounty of birds in your backyard for your benefit and enjoyment.Visit Cole's website for more information. 

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