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We have learnt new details about the next exclusive for Xbox Series and PC that is arriving next year from the developers of Fallout 4 and Skyrim

Today, new details from Starfield, the Xbox Series and PC exclusive from Bethesda have arised. A list of details has been filtered through an insider. The list inlude new information about the game system, the lore and the upgrades being done to the game engine.

Starfield is the game Bethesda is currently working on. There is still a year to wait before we can enjoy it. It's release date is set for November 11, 2022 and will be exclusive to Xbox Series and PC.

Important: This article may contain spoilers and information on details of the game such as the name of factions or planetary systems included. You may want to find out for yourself and that is why we warn you about this now.

Details on the Starfield game system

Among the leaked details of Starfield, the way in which the physics will affect the player and more specifically gravity stand out, but there are other characteristics that surround the game that we describe below:

  • The physics system that the game will have is going to different gravity effects depending on where we are. So, gravity on planets, moon, space, or orbital stations will be different. This seems to have been achieved thanks to the replacement of Havok in the game engine that has been replaced by a development of Bethesda. As a curiosity, it will be possible to activate and deactivate gravity when we are in a spacecraft or in an orbital station. This will cause the objects that are not tied to begin to float around us.
  • The game will allow us to choose the location where we want to start the game.
  • We will have combat spaceships that will include different types of weapons such as lasers, missiles and gatling rifles.
  • The spaceships can be customized: We will choose a base model which we can modify to our liking from the engines, the weapons, the cargo. But in addition, we can customize our ship with visual modifications.
  • Starfield will have multiple planets to visit, dozens even. We can also reach moons, asteroids and space stations with our ship.
  • The planets will be larger than the map of Skyrim.
  • The locations of the planets will be made by hand while the locations between them will be procedurally generated. The generation technology of these zones, which has artificial intelligence, will be able to build much more successful scenarios than in other games developed by Bethesda.
  • Similar to what we saw in Skyrim or Fallout 4, the game will have a building system, but it will have many more possibilities than in these installments. This planetary colony construction system will be discovered through tutorials that will be part of the main missions in history. As an additional note, the name of the character who will give us these missions will be called Branson Garvey.
  • The colony system will allow to invite refugees and others to start their life there. These characters will go to the colony that we have built and open their own stores, allowing the population flow between the colonies to fluctuate with the market they treasure.
  • The animals and wildlife that we will find on the planets will be different on each one. On planets or moons with greater gravity, the native fauna will be more voluminous than in other places with less gravitational force.
  • There will be a system of factions that will allow the disintegration of locations with friendship or animosity towards other factions.

Details about the Starfield graphics engine

Starfield will use the Creation Engine 2 graphics engine. This graphics engine will be the second version of the original Creation Engine created by Bethesda for games like Skyrim or Fallout 4. The characteristics of Creation Engine 2 are the following:

  • It will introduce new rendering technologies and a new animation system.
  • It will support Ray Tracing and will also include a new lighting system.
  • Havok is replaced as the physics engine by a new system developed by Bethesda.
  • It will have a new artificial intelligence system.

Details on the history of Starfield

The lore of the game will place us in the year 2320 in which technological advances have evolved allowing us to incorporate improvements typical of science fiction novels. In general, the game's story will revolve around the search for a solution to the mysteries surrounding the alien technology that appeared in the trailers shown. Each of the evidence we find will lead us to continue in our investigation.

Here are some details of the history of Starfield. We remind you, that these details may contain spoilers:


  • The ships will use warp technology to travel from one place to another.
  • They will use helium-based fuel for the engines.

Other details about Starfield's lore include:

  • Earth will be an uninhabitable place and we will not be able to land on it but we will be able to visit other planets in our solar system.
  • There will be a city on Mars called Cydonia. It will be one of the largest cities in the game since, according to Starfield's history, it was the first to be colonized and compared to other locations in the game, it will be larger.
  • There will be an asteroid belt in one of the planetary systems in the game called the Kryx. In this planetary system, which rotates around a brown dwarf star, although it will be a neutral system, one of the locations of one of the game's pirate factions will be located in it.

About the faction system:

  • There will be two pirate factions in the game: The Black Fleet and the Crimson Fleet. Both factions are at war and we can choose to join one of them throughout our game.
  • There will be other, smaller pirate organizations that generally will be loosely organized and will not have a specific name.
  • One of the factions will be a fanatical sect that will worship the God come from the stars. Throughout history, which we will be able to know in depth if we join them, they will look for the birthplace of this God.

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