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The announcement will happened soon and here are the predictions from the community and press media

As every month, Sony will announce the free games that subscribers to the Playstation Plus service will have available the following month. During the month of March, Sony will once again offer two great games for Playstation 4 and one game that will be available for PS5. In addition, thanks to the backward compatibility of PS5 with previous generation games, subscribers to the PS Plus service will be able to benefit from these games on the new Sony console.

The announcement date of the PS Plus games for the month of March will take place tomorrow, February 24, and the games can be added to the library and downloaded from March 3, 2021. Until that date, subscribers to the service, they will be able to benefit from the titles available in the previous month.

As every month, we make our predictions, which are based on the messages that the user community sends through social networks and especially Reddit, as well as the main press media.

Announcement Delay

(Updated on February 24 at 21:00 CET) Although we expected the announcement to take place during the afternoon of February 24, Sony has not officially announced which games will be available during the month of March for the Playstation Plus subscribers. The reasons for this decision are unknown but it may have to do with the State of Play celebration that will take place tomorrow.

No Man's Sky

One of the titles that is playing the most in the Reddit user community is No Man's Sky. The game developed by Hello Games was a great disappointment for buyers at its premiere but little by little, the developer has introduced free content that currently offers a very complete experience both in the field of simulation and multiplayer.

No Man's Sky offers an unforgettable experience in which we take the controls of an intergalactic ship that allows us to travel through the universe to build a very differentiating narrative adventure within the genre. The great remarkable aspect of the game is the number of planets to discover and is that these are procedurally generated, offering landscapes, fauna and vegetation totally unique in each planet visited.

The content that Hello Games has been adding over the years that No Man's Sky has been available have ranged from the possibility of generating constructions on the discovered planets, the multiplayer mode, the compatibility with Playstation VR, etc. This makes the title a clear candidate to be among the Playstation Plus games of the month of March and is possibly one of the great incentives for subscribers who have not played it yet.

Far Cry 5

One of the most played Ubisoft titles during the past generation and that consolidates a franchise that has brought great benefits to the company.

With the launch of Far Cry 6 on the new generation of consoles, Far Cry 5 could be one of the most plausible titles within the free PS Plus games of the month of March, according to Forbes.

Tom Clancy's: Rainbox Six Siege

Without a doubt, one of the games that has been able to make the most of the multiplayer mode of the past generation has been Rainbow Six Siege. The title offers a team multiplayer experience in which two factions face off in scenarios with a high level of destruction. This allows to generate scenes of great action and tension in both amateur and competitive games.

The most played game modes in Rainbow Six Siege are "Defuse the bomb", "Capture the target" and "Hostage protection". All these modes are usually played in 5v5 games in a title in the first-person shooter genre that has been very successful in streams that can be followed, especially through Twitch.

The new installment of the Ubisoft franchise is awaited with great expectation, however, it continues to bet on offering new content of this title in the current generation and recently the development team has opted to improve the experience in the new generation of consoles.

Disco Elysium - Final Cut (PS5)

One of the games that is being demanded the most by the Reddit user community is Disco Elysium - Final Cut, which is the final version that Sony is reserving for release during the month of March 2021. At the moment, there is no They have news of this premiere so the community points out that the game could be launched as an incentive to subscribe to Playstation Plus during the next month.

Disco Elysium offers an RPG adventure within a police and detective universe in which we will have to unravel a murder case while we have to deal with the amnesia caused by drug excesses.

The setting of this open world game is very careful and experiments with the different possibilities offered by the isometric perspective. In addition, its conversational and narrative mechanics have been widely praised by the specialized press. On the other hand, the open world it offers has been compared to those that can be found in titles such as The Witcher III or Red Dead Redemption 2.

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