David del Pino

Written by David del Pino

The sweden company is working in an electric and autonomous bus that can carry up to 80 passengers

The traffic of the city of Singapore is subverted every day by a huge amount of private vehicles since the services of the city do not offer a public transport used by the population.

Volvo has seen in this an opportunity to release its new invention: an autonomous and electric bus with capacity for 80 occupants that is being developed in conjunction with the Nanyang Technological University.

The Singapore City Council is interested in starting the autonomous public transport revolution in three of the most traffic-collapsed districts as of 2022.

The autonomous bus model that promises to revolutionize the method of public transport in cities with high levels of traffic would be released in a few weeks on the university campus of the Nanyang Technological University.

A second vehicle that will undergo several tests in a bus depot.

The bus has a length of 12 meters and can carry up to 80 passengers. It is the first bus that, at the same time, is totally electric and autonomous. The president of Volvo Buses, Håkan Agnevall, assures that "this is the type of vehicle that the real operators would use and for that reason it is a milestone".


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