Nuevo sarcófago de Chernobil en plena construcción
David del Pino

Written by David del Pino

The ucranian authorities decided to delay the latest set up until May 2018

We all know about the nuclear disaster that occurred in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, which caused the abandonment of the area and the construction of a containment sarcophagus for the radioactive waste generated by the accident. Since December 2010 a new sarcophagus has been built that overlaps the current one, a structure that is too old and has been cracking for years.

The new metal structure of 110 meters high its already placed on the old sarcophagus to contain the radiations that still emanate from the interior of the pile of iron and debris in which reactor number 4 became after the fatal accident. However the latest tests and set up procedures must be finished to ensure the project ending. The date of placement of this engineering work was scheduled to be completed during the month of November. However, the Ukrainian government has decided to postpone the final site.

Despite having completed the project just over a year ago, the placement in its final location is a very complicated process. The process must be carried out as accurately as possible since the sarcophagus is designed to protect from radiation inside the reactor until at least the next century.

According to Sergiy Deryuga, deputy director of the New Safe Confinement project, the mission has been delayed because the contractor company, Novarka, could not complete the necessary works on time. The date dictated for the placement of the sarcophagus is postponed to May 2018.

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