David del Pino

Written by David del Pino

From Software decided to cut the model from the game release but it is still alive

Recently we told you how some Bloodborne fans had found in-game files with NPCs and other creatures that had not been used in the game. Although the news was publishied in the spanish version of RebelCry you can still check out the images of the cut content from Bloodborne.

From Software had discarded these models and they were not present in the final game, however, a player seems to have found a way to bring this model to life in order to fight with it.

According to the creator of the video published on Youtube, the boss is called Great One Beast and it has been possible to give life using tools that allow the activation of existing models in the game database at certain levels of the same.

The model used is programmed to fight with several movements and is capable of attacking the player so it is believed that From Software discarded it in a final moment of development and dispensed with completing certain elements of it. The textures and the complexity of their movements are quite simple.



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