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A Reddit user finds a directory containing files from a cancelled multiplayer mode in the PC version of Metro Exodus

Could Metro Exodus have a multiplayer or cooperative mode? The plans regarding a multiplayer mode in Metro Exodus by 4A Games and Koch Media were discarded in the beginning. However, it seems that there was once a possible development involving a multiplayer or cooperative mode in the game. At least some files remain within the code.

A Reddit user has been tracking the files that are in the source code of the game in the PC version and has found some secrets that make our imagination fly.

The user has found among the audio files of the game references to the previous deliveries of Metro: 2033 and Metro Last Light. Among others there are audio files referring to the DLCs of the previous delivery. Among other audio files are also the incredible screams of the mutant river fish found in the Volga chapter.

However, the most curious thing is that a directory has been found that stores audio files and its name is multiplayer. The directory of audio files of the possible multiplayer mode of Metro Exodus includes a file of the sound of a bell and another one in which a character is heard activating an explosive.

There is no news about a possible multiplayer mode or a cooperative mode of Metro Exodus, which since its launch has led players to complete a very comprehensive campaign mode. The large extent of the mapping of the game and the possibilities offered by its main and secondary missions have made it one of the best-accepted titles in the community so far this year.

Directorio de ficheros multijugador en Metro Exodus

Directorio de ficheros multijugador en Metro Exodus

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