Juegos de conducción en PS Plus
David del Pino

Written by David del Pino

As rumours point, a driving game could appear among the free games given to the Playstation Plus suscribers during the month of August of 2018

After a unbalanced month of July by the arrival of a game that was already present in Playstation Plus as it was Heavy Rain, subscribers to the Sony Premium service expect more action and movement for the next month of August 2018.

According to rumored on the network, a driving game could be the protagonist of the free Playstation 4 games for the month of August. Among the candidates, we would like to highlight the most interesting driving games that we can find in the Sony console and the reasons why they could get to Playstation Plus.

Need for Speed

In 2015, Electronic Arts launched what looked like a restart of the Need for Speed gameseries. The title tried to mix the usual arcade driving with a story mode that put the player as the protagonist. With the introduction of cinematic scenes recorded with real actors, we tried to generate an interesting setting for the player but not as successful as expected.

Una imagen de las cinemáticas de Need for Spped

Electronic ArtsUna imagen de las cinemáticas de Need for Spped

The game did not sell 2 million copies worldwide in its edition for Playstation 4. Although the gameplay and graphic quality was more than acceptable, the title did not fit into a market somewhat full of titles with greater diversity.

Need for Speed could be a candidate to enter between the pools of the free PS Plus games for the month of August or successive months. The title already has solera and would be a little grateful game for the subscribers of the service.

The Crew

The title from Ubisoft is now four years old and the launch of its sequel could be one of the incentives that encouraged the company to reach an agreement with Sony to introduce it in the free games program of PS Plus.

El mapa de The Crew tenía gran similitud con el territorio de EEUU

El mapa de The Crew tenía gran similitud con el territorio de EEUU

The different modes of driving and vehicles with an open world system that tries to recreate the entire US territory managed to reach just over two and a half million homes on the different platforms for which it was launched. On PS4, it reached about 1.8 million copies sold, which made it quite interesting for the company, taking into account that the game adds micropayment systems and different DLCs.

The single-player mode is perhaps not the most interesting part of the game, but for collectible seekers and those players who love to lose hours completing all the challenges of a game, The Crew is definitely a great recommendation.

Gran Turismo Sport

One of the game series that once was very loevd by the owners of a Playstation console. Currently somewhat vilified, but always with great appeal, Gran Turismo Sport is the latest version of the best-selling driving saga on Sony consoles.

The title introduces 17 circuits that we can visit with a fairly acceptable amount of vehicles. In different game modes, Polyphony Digital has tried to offer a level of simulation of great quality, putting its efforts mostly in the multiplayer mode.

Gran Turismo, un juego con muchos detalles y mucho realismo

Gran Turismo, un juego con muchos detalles y mucho realismo

Some purists of the saga have criticized the delivery for the lack of content and the introduction of game modes that seem to have more interest in approaching more casual audiences.

Despite all these criticisms, we believe that Gran Turismo could be one of the most interesting driving titles that could ever reach Playstation Plus.

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