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For many homeowners, the roof is out of sight and out of mind until a crisis occurs, such as a leak or storm damage

For many homeowners, the roof is out of sight and out of mind until a crisis occurs, such as a leak or storm damage.But the roof is subject to general wear and tear as well as environmental factors, and a proactive homeowner can catch problems early and address them effectively to prevent greater damage and create a better-looking roof. What It Is The growth of blue-green algae is a common problem on roofs, especially in areas with hot, humid summers, according to This Old House. Black or other colored streaks on the roof could signal the presence of the algae, and the streaks themselves are caused by the vegetation eating away at the mineral content on most roof shingles. The problem often goes unrecognized, and once it is serious enough to be noticed, it can be more challenging to clean. However, the right products can get the job done and prevent further algae growth. What To Do Take a two-step approach to help manage mold and improve your roof's overall appearance:

- Clean current discoloration. To get rid of mold, mildew, and other stains from vegetation, treat shingles with a cleanser such as Stainhandler Roof & Deck Cleaner to help restore the appearance of a roof that has been infested with excess vegetation.Stainhandler Roof & Deck Cleaner is free of bleach, so it can be used on any areas of the house without risk of damaging adjacent landscaping. To use the cleanser, dilute the solution, place it in a sprayer, and use a hose to hit the affected areas of the roof; then wait approximately half an hour and rinse the area with water.

- Fight future problems.Installing roof maintenance products can help prevent the invasion of mold, moss, mildew, or fungi.For example, zinc strips such as those made by Stainhandler offer environmentally safe protection. The strips measure feet in length and apply easily to the roof with clear adhesive caulk. The product is designed to move rain away from the roof so it does not pool and promote vegetation growth.

For more information about keeping your roof at its best -- and free from mold, moss, and mildew -- visit stainhandler.com.              

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