The Witcher is now available through iTunes for iPhone and iPad
David del Pino

Written by David del Pino

The Thekla Inc puzzle adventure its available for Apple mobile devices through iTunes

One of the most critically acclaimed indie games published last year has made its appearance on Apple mobile devices after many fans have been waiting for months. The Witness was a title that was launched in 2016 for all platforms, including Xbox 360. Now it makes its appearance in iPad and iPhone. We hope to see many people solving wonderful puzzles of the game anywhere from now on. The game requires iOS 10 and 2.32 GBs for installation on Apple devices.

The Witness' puzzles will make your logic and common sense come into play to go through its silent plot. Through images, unfinished scenes and even shadows we will find the meaning that surrounds this title developed by Thekla Inc and directed by Jonathan Blow, the same person who brought us Braid. The resolution of the puzzles will always be very simple, but will get complicated in each game zone introducing new patterns and ways to solve them. Colors, shadows, sounds and even reflexes will make you think in the search for the solution to each puzzle with the goal of switching on a bunch of lasers in a mysterious island whose center holds a great secret.

The end of The Witness has been one of the most applauded games by the community since it hides several endings, which will be solved if we can understand how the micro-universe of the island works. It will be an enjoyment for our senses and a challenge for our mind.

The launch on Apple devices will allow you to enjoy The Witness in Europe for a price of 10.99 euros. The US version of iTunes is available for a slightly lower price: $9.99.

Source: iTunes

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