Posibles juegos de PS Plus enero en un anuncio de Facebook
David del Pino

Written by David del Pino

Possible Facebook advertisment showing the games available in January 2018 for Playstation Plus suscribers

The month of December is coming to an end and the list of games available on Playstation Plus during the month of January next year is approaching. Despite not being official, we have made a list of games that could be available during the month of January and it seems that some users on the network are beginning to confirm some of the entries we publish.

According to some users, they have seen ads on Facebook of three titles that could be available during the month of January. Although we repeat that we have no certainty that it is official, the announcement in the social network indicated that Batman: The Telltale Series, Deus Ex: Makind Divided and It was you.

Games Leak in Facebook Ad

Games Leak in Facebook Ad

If confirmed, the options that have been found through the image that we have shown you would be a great first month for the next year in the Playstation Plus subscriber program. The titles that appear in the ad, apart from being fairly current games, also have a quality.

Batman: The Telltale Series

Telltale's conversational adventure could be introduced in Playstation Plus as it was done with Tales From Borderlands or some of the installments of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or The Wolf is among us. Through several chapters are narrated the adventures of the Dark Knight in the city of Gotham through animated graphics in a graphic adventure in which we can choose different actions to make and that could affect the course of the story.

Batman the Telltale Series possible PS Plus game in 2018

Batman the Telltale Series possible PS Plus game in 2018

The Telltale titles introduce the genre of graphic adventure to a new level, offering the player different ways to approach a dangerous situation, a dialogue or an important decision. All decisions of the player affect the course of the story and may even harm certain characters in the plot. Therefore, be very careful with the decisions you make before deciding firmly.

Deus Ex: Makind Divided

Eidos published this title during the year 2016 and although it did not have a great reception the study tried to recover from the publication of its previous game. The title is a game of action and adventure in a future where human beings use biomechanical improvements for their daily lives. In this universe a police investigation is introduced where we will have to use our skills in different missions that mix action and stealth.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided possible PS4 game in PS Plus January 2018

Deus Ex Mankind Divided possible PS4 game in PS Plus January 2018

The most original of the title is surely that each part of the game can be solved by different methods. It is not a too linear game and although the most criticized part have always been its level bosses, in this installment they have improved a lot.

Within the genre of cyberpunk or science fiction, Deus Ex is a saga that many players follow with interest. From its first deliveries, the titles have always been focused on offering great freedom to the player to solve the different puzzles that are presented in the game. The action is not the only available solution and a fairly large range of possibilities is introduced to make the game very interesting.

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