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An interview conducted by the YouTuber Ampeterby7 tries to clarify the possible free games present in Playstation Plus for the month of March 2018

With the growth of rumors of the list of possible free games of Playstation Plus for the month of March, the YouTuber Ampeterby7 has conducted an interview with one of the employees of Sony Playstation Spain where mention is made of the latest Playstation news.

The YouTuber, who came to the offices in a friendly way for having recently received a block on their Playstation Network account, interviewed one of the Marketing managers in Spain about the main reasons why a Sony account could be blocked. Along with these and other questions about the current panorama of the console and Playstation games, Ampeterby7 asked him for an advance of the games available on Playstation Plus for the month of March 2018. The response of Sony Spain employee was quite concise : "I think it's going to be one of the best months in the history of Playstation Plus."




The claim of the employee of Sony Playstation Spain could be aimed at generating more attention if possible for the possible games available for PS4 during the month of March for free. The games that will be available for the Sony platforms in the Playstation Plus subscriber program are still unknown and we have to be content with the lists of rumors published by different sites and user communities on the internet.

According to comments from the Reddit community, this Sony message to the public would not mean much. It would simply be a comment to get out of step in an interview before which a rather uncomfortable question is asked. For others, it could be the door that could open to the presentation of a title like Bloodborne or Inside.

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