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The Playstation Plus free games for April is pretty near and the community started to hype with predictions and rumors

After a month where subscribers of the Playstation Plus service have received games such as Bloodborne and Ratchet and Clank, the community is looking forward to the announcement of the free games for April.

Like every month, Sony announces the games that will be offered in the PS Plus program. April free games will be announced next Wednesday, March 28. The delivery of the announced titles will have to wait a little longer and until April 3rd we will not be able to enjoy the new games. The announcement will be made through the official channels of Sony and very surely will be present in the afternoon both in the profiles of their social networks and in the official blog of Playstation Plus.

At the moment the details of the games that will be offered to subscribers are unknown but some portals have begun to make predictions of which titles could be present for free. It is rumored that Sony will continue offering triple A titles among the gifts during the month of April on Playstation Plus. Titles like the remastering for PS4 of God of War III, The Order: 1886 or Beyond: Two Souls could arrive during the month of April.

The Order: 1886 a possible game within the ones offered by Sony in April 2018

The Order: 1886 a possible game within the ones offered by Sony in April 2018

In addition, they begin to take force other titles with high quality and attractiveness for the community although they were released long time ago. In the forums of Reddit has opened a thread of predictions where some users point to titles like Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watchdogs or Gravity Rush.

On the other hand, Evolve was present among the latest titles offered in Playstation Plus for the Japanese and Asian market, a title that became free on PC and that did not run much luck on other platforms. It is well known that Sony always returns to offer titles that have been introduced between Playstation Plus games between different markets. Something similar happened with Ratchet & Clank and European users ended up being able to enjoy the game during the last month while in the Asian market was launched on PS Plus two months earlier.

Any of the titles offered by Sony during the month of April will have it easy to overtake the hype of the ones offered last month. The most remarkable of all was Bloodborne, which as an exclusive to Playstation 4 is one of the most interesting games of Playstation Plus proposals in recent months. The announcement of these games was moved by the hype due to an interview conducted by a Youtuber to one of the marketing managers of Sony Playstation Spain.

One of the enemies in Bloodborne Playstation 4 exclusive

One of the enemies in Bloodborne Playstation 4 exclusive

This month, at the moment, no leaks have been made as it happened in previous months. We will have to wait for the official announcement by Sony to know the details about the free Playstation Plus games for the month of April. Recall that next to the Playstation 4 games will also be offered titles for PS3 and PSVita, in addition to the already recurring games for Playstation VR. We will be attentive to offer you the news.

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