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A product in the Amazon online store uploaded by Bethesda shows a Video Countdown Placeholder Fallout alike

A Twitter user has found through the Amazon online store what could be the filtration of a new title or a remake of any of the deliveries of the Fallout saga.

After the little success obtained by Fallout 76, it seems that the company could be planning the arrival of one of the titles of the saga to the consoles of the current generation.

It is speculating through social networks that it could be a remastering of Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas.

What you can see in the article page in the Amazon store is the different versions in which it is offered (at the moment, at the same price of $ 59.99): standard, deluxe and collector.

The ad also contains a video as a placeholder reminiscent of the trailers of the games of the Fallout saga, with a countdown to the purest retro style.

Filtering has reached Twitter, where a user has published the tweet with the following information:

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