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Dutch will ask us at one point of the game to find a pipe for him, as well as other characters from the gang in Red Dead Redemption 2

Once we have advanced in history, at any given moment, Dutch will tell us that the most he wants at that moment is to enjoy a pipe. The leader of the band of robbers of Red Dead Redemption 2 will ask us to find that pipe and take it to the camp.

Like other characters from the bandit camp, Dutch will also ask us for a personal item that we should find when we wander through the far west. Finding these objects does not generate that we obtain many benefits but it will improve the morale of the character to whom we grant it.

The morale of the camp's characters is directly linked to the amount of money they donate to the band's common fund; so the more money there is, the better supplies you will have and in greater abundance.

Where's Dutch's pipe?

To find Dutch's pipe we will have to travel west of the map, specifically, to the Big Valley area. In the northern part of this area there is a road and a river (Little Creek River) that crosses from west to east the area. Next to the road you will find a small cabin where we will have to enter to find the pipe.

Location for the Pipe

Location for the Pipe

When we get to the shed, whose name is Vetter's Echo, we will hear how a bear walks around nearby. It is especially important that you be careful because the bear is inside the shed. You can try to face him, you can run away and hide when you open the door or you can let him kill you (this will cause the bear to disappear).

The pipe is on a table next to a typewriter.

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