Battlefield V: Follow our live coverage

23/05/2018 22:22 CEST

The Battlefield V Reveal live with press commentaries and all the important features the new Battlefield will bring

Learn all the features that Battlefield V will bring to the fans of the series through the Live Streaming done by DICE and Electronic Arts.

The New Battlefield V will have a new multiplayer experience in a new scenario as EA says in the game website. Everything points that the game will be focused in the Second World War.

The game will contain new game modes and it will bring back the Stories of War mode as the fans were desiring. It will be available under Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms in october.

Battlefield V Reveal Live Coverage

23/05/2018 22:24 - Confirmed, no Premium Pass in Battlefield V

23/05/2018 22:21 - The game will let to customize soldiers appearance and let people join in a squad called The Company, a system to join classes and personal arsenal.

23/05/2018 22:11 - Grand Operations mode announced. New experiencies in a Second World War narrative perspective.

23/05/2018 22:05 - Trevor Noah starts the presentation of Battlefield V

23/05/2018 21:54 - Less than 5 minutes to start the reveal coverage. Battlefield V is one of the most anticipated games in the current horizon for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

23/05/2018 21:32 - During the day some leaks have arised around the web. Everything points to the inclusion of a  Normandie map in the game. Also, the textures in Battlefield V will have a very high quality including face gestures, camouflage, etc.

23/05/2018 21:27 - Last information about the game was shown in the Electronic Arts Battlefield V Twitter Profile. However some fans uploaded videos to YouTube showing the HUD of the game. In the HUD flags from the Axis and British Armies were shown in the background:


23/05/2018 21:13 - Less than 50 minutes to the reveal start. EA and DICE have started the engines and the streaming will show up the new features contained by the Battlefield V game. Developers commentaries are announced.

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