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Rumours have started to arise about the Playstation Plus Games for April 2019

The first rumors about the free games for Playstation Plus subscribers for the month of April 2019 begin to spread through some specialized media, specifying the details of its inclusion in the program of subscribers of Sony.

The VGR portal has been the first to spread these predictions, including Playstation VR games and some Capcom titles. In particular, the portal includes as possible games for the month of April Street Fighter V, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard or WW2K19.

The current month, which still gives us two very interesting games to add to our catalog, consolidates the wishes of the Playstation Plus subscribed players, for the introduction of triple AAA games in the service.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness have been the protagonists of the free games of PS Plus of the last announcement of Sony and will be available to add to the library until the first week of the month of April. On the same date, they will be replaced by the titles that are offered for free during the next month.

When are the PS Plus games for April going to be announced

Sony will make the announcement the last week of this month, next March 27. Until then, the company has enough time to consider and negotiate with the distributors the following games to give to subscribers.

In the same way, there is enough time for social networks, specialized forums and information portals to introduce new predictions and rumors about the announcement. We will be aware of all those places to keep you updated.

The games that are rumored and the reasons for introducing them in the subscriber service during the month of April are the following:

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

After the great success obtained by Capcom with the release of the remastering of Resident Evil 2, the Japanese company could choose to include some of the games of its catalog within the PS Plus games of the month of April, as it did in the past .

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was launched to the market with resounding success on different platforms such as PC, Xbox One or Playstation 4. Last year also debuted on Switch, managing to become one of the most successful games of last year.


The reinvention of the Resident Evil saga and the introduction of an outstanding graphics engine to give life to one of the titles of the best-selling horror genre of the last decade could be a great addition to the catalog of Sony service subscribers.

Street Fighter V

One more Capcom title appears among the predictions of the VGR portal. Although it had great problems in its release, but is in everyone's mind to bring us the latest version of the classic Street Fighter saga.

Street Fighter V managed to fix most of the problems it had in the launch and introduced the arcade mode one year after the basic game saw the light. This action on the part of Capcom was very criticized by the community although the final result of the game has a form quite adequate to what was expected of him at first.

The game has been present numerous times among the Playstation Store offers and its downloadable content through microtransactions could be an incentive to be included among the free Playstation Plus games.

WWE 2K19

Another fighting game to add to the pools of the free games of Playstation Plus for the month of April 2019. In this case, developed by the company Yuke's and published under the seal of 2K Games, could be offered free to subscribers to the service given the upcoming premiere of another title of the developer, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain.

In addition, the obvious link between 2K Games and Playstation Plus games has offered us other great titles of the catalog offered by the company for free in the past, as happened with NBA 2K16.

WWE 2K19, a fight title that recalls the best moments of television combat would be a great addition to Playstation Plus since it received very good reviews at its launch. In addition, the career mode offered in the game is very complete.


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