Playstation 4

Written by ringare

The Official Announcement will be done during the afternoon of next Wednesday through the Playsation Plus Blog and Social Network Profiles

Free Playstation Plus games will be announced officially on March 27. The announcement will be made throughout the afternoon of that day (UTC Time), allowing us to know what games will be available in the Sony payment service during the month of April.

We leave behind the month of March in which subscribers of PS Plus have been able to enjoy two high level titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, the classic shooter of one of the most influential sagas in history and The Witness, a indie game of puzzles that caused a furor in its launch due to its beauty and complexity.

These games may be added to the library of Sony service subscribers until the games of the month of April are officially released on Playstation Plus. This will happen on the first Tuesday of next month, next April 2nd.

We are waiting to know the games that Sony will offer during the next month with the usual rumors of games that could appear in the announcement.

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