Playstation Plus Junio 2018

Written by ringare

The announce date is coming. Learn when the free games for Playstation Plus June are going to be available

Like every month, Sony Playstation will announce the free Playstation Plus games for the following month. In this case, the PS Plus games of the month of June 2018 will be announced next Wednesday, May 30.

Subscribers of the PS Plus free games service are waiting to see the free games that will be announced after a strong May month. The incorporation to the service of titles like Beyond: Two Souls or Raymand Legends strengthens the confidence of the user in the subscription.

Different websites and user communities start launching the PS Plus game predictions that could be available for free the following month. Among them, stand out the titles of Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter, or some action games like Alien Isolation or Mirror's Edget Catalyst.

The announcement will be made as in previous occasions through the social networks profiles of Playstation Plus and the official blog of the service. We will have to wait until May 30, to know the available titles that will be unlocked on Tuesday, June 5 for download.

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