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We analyze the predictions that begin to appear on the networks about the free games that could reach PS4 in September within Playstation Plus

After a couple of months with several similar themed games beign included in Playstation Plus as Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain. This month we have finally seen the introduction of a game that mixes driving and third-person action: Mafia III. The game has been generally well received despite being a title that got much criticism at its launch and this is due to the change that Sony has introduced in the free games offered to subscribers of PS Plus throughout these summer months.

Playstation 4 players are passing through the summer with an eye on the offers published by Sony in the Playstation Store for both regular users and subscribers of PS Plus, which benefit from higher discounts. However, those attached to the premium service are following closely the news that surround the free games that will be announced next September 2018.

Although there is nothing official yet, the first rumors have already begun in different niches of the network where lists of candidates to be present among the free PS Plus games for the month of September 2018 have started. We began to mention the most outstanding games that we have been finding, listing the reasons that may lead them to be present among the free titles next month:

Fallout 4

The title of Bethesda was one of the great releases of 2015. The followers of the Fallout saga have been enjoying since then this new adventure in the wilderness, which also includes different downloadable content that adds more missions and areas to explore.

Una imagen de Fallout 4

Una imagen de Fallout 4

The launch of Fallout 76 is very close and Bethesda will soon begin to offer access to the beta of the game. Offering Fallout 4 within the free games of the month of September in PS Plus could be a great promotion in order to improve the sales of the next title of the saga. Recall that the beta of Fallout 76 will offer all the content of the game and also allow players to participate in it to continue their progress once the title is released.


The last game of Hitman series that premiered in 2016 as an episodic game left a good taste in the mouth to the followers of the saga of action and stealth. The previous game was not very well accepted due to the lack of variety of possibilities in terms of resolving missions, as was usual in the titles of the franchise. Hitman, developed by IO Interactive, offered the players a vision that tried to redirect the franchise to what the fans expected.

Una imagen del episodio 5 - Colorado - en Hitman

Una imagen del episodio 5 - Colorado - en Hitman

The new game will be launched next November and the current one is in the pools of several places as one of the possible games to appear among the free titles of Playstation Plus during the coming months.


Many will remind Limbo and is that Inside belong to the same development studio. It tells the story of a boy who lives in a dystopian world and will have to face his fears in order to survive. The adventure introduces us into a perspective in two dimensions, within a title that mixes platforms and puzzles throughout the entire scenario.

Una imagen de Inside, para PS4

Una imagen de Inside, para PS4

It has been introduced numerous times between the pools of free games of PS Plus in recent months and is that the Playdead game deserves it. He got a great reception by the press and also won the 2017 BAFTA Award for Best Game Design. Playing Inside revives many of the moments that we enjoyed Limbo and so much so that many media have described it as a spiritual successor to the first game launched by Playdead.


One of the indie titles that is being talked about as a possible candidate to be among the free Playstation Plus games for the month of September is Speedrunners. The title is an addictive arcade game for several players with the possibility of participating online in frenetic multiplayer games.

Una imagen de Speedrunners

Una imagen de Speedrunners

The game came to Playstation 4 after having been in early access on the Steam platform since 2013. Despite being a title that was focused as a free browser game came to other platforms as Xbox One in 2017 within the range of Games With Gold.

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