PS Plus Junio 2018, Predicciones de Juegos Gratis

Written by ringare

We make an analysis of different sites and community forums about the posible games appearing in Playstation Plus during June

The Playstation Plus subscriber program seems to be taking a pretty attractive direction as far as the collection of instant games is concerned. Sony is giving the owners of the subscription quality games for their Playstation 4 platform and every month there seem to be more users interested in these titles. All speculation will finish as soon as PS Plus games for june are announced.

Last month, users received Beyond: Two Souls an interactive adventure title with great graphic quality thanks to the capture of movement made on real actors. On the other hand, was present Rayman: Legends a platform classic that many will know led to PS4. These two titles along with others available for PS3 and Playstation Vita are still available to add to the library.

With the proximity of E3, the most important fair in the field of video games, to be held between June 12 and 14, many members of communities such as Reddit are making predictions based on this. However, the celebration of E3 has not always been binding with the launching of large titles in the PS Plus subscriber program. Maybe this coming June things will change; we will know it very soon. Remember that you can check the dates and times of the most important E3 conferences in the report we have prepared.

The user community is focusing its sights on some reputable titles that could be available on Playstation Plus for free during the month of June. Here are some of them:

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

A gameplay picture from Sherlock Holmes: Devils Daughter

A gameplay picture from Sherlock Holmes: Devils Daughter

One of the titles that the community is focusing on is Sherlock Holmes The Devil's Daughter. The game has appeared in the list of free games this month in the region of Japan. Although sometimes it has been the case that free games available in other regions end up in the European and American area (happened with Ratchet & Clank), it does not have to happen that way.

The game bases its gameplay on offering an interactive adventure with some action touches. The player will have to explore and find clues at the crime scene to try to make the inquiries that lead to the resolution of the case.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Sony's good relationship with Square Enix is ​​well known and Tomb Raider titles have already been present in Playstation Plus before. However, the game is not only distributed by Square Enix, but also Microsoft Studios is behind its distribution, which can lead to a possible negotiation.

Lara Croft in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Lara Croft in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Although it is quite difficult due to the aforementioned, the game may not be old enough to appear on PS Plus. Some players place it among the possible candidates due to the proximity to the release of the new title of the saga: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which presented a trailer relatively recently.

Alien Isolation

Another of the titles that are in the pools of many websites and in various user communities is Alien Isolation. The game has already gone through our news of predictions in the odd month and is that the title developed by The Creative Assembly has already passed several times by the offers of the Playstation Store.

Alien Isolation was one of the most interesting horror titles of the current generation of consoles. Not only because of its medium longevity, but also because of the desire of many users, this title has appeared several times among the bets of many sites, such as a free Playstation Plus game.

Other possible games in the June PS Plus

Among the possible candidates is also Mirror's Edge Catalyst. The game has already been among our pools in past months and is a great candidate to enter into the program of free games of PS Plus.

On the other hand, it is still mentioning The Order: 1886 as a possible game for the month of June or successive. The title, being exclusive and having behind SCE Santa Monica Studio could have great chances of being given to PS Plus subscribers.

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